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Specialist Trauma & Personality Disorder Therapy in Edinburgh and Online

Specialist traumatology, the specialism of working with trauma (PTSD) and Complex Trauma (C-PTSD) using integrated specialist techniques including psychotherapy, somatic body work, nutritional & naturopathic advice, lifestyle advice, self help training, trauma processing and psycho education.

Professional trauma therapy for Complex trauma including Adverse Childhood Experiences, long term abusive relationships and similar cases of trauma extending over time requires a systematic 3 stage approach.

Talking therapy alone does not work with Trauma, it is only PART of the solution. Effective trauma therapy requires a systematic three phase approach over time, otherwise wrongly applied therapy can make things worse. As well as a psychotherapy & hypnotherapy based trauma expert, Stuart is a qualified Chi Gung instructor (body and energy work work), acupressure therapist (body and energy work) and Naturopath.

Several related issues are also worked with:
1. Personality Disorders (based around the recommended therapy models of DBT and RO-DBT) (Certified Specialist)
2. Eating Disorders (based around a comorbid trauma based model)
3. Severe Anxiety (Certified specialist)
4. Depression and Mood Disorders (Certified Specialist)
5. Attention Deficit and other Learning related issues (Comorbid trauma informed approach) (Certified Specialist)
6. Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD Certified Specialist)

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Specialist Support for Trauma, Complex Trauma and related Depression, Anxiety, OCD and other disorders

Specialist in Complex PTSD (Trauma), Attachment issues, Somatic Processing and Adverse Childhood experiences

Are you busy "getting by" or "surviving", and not able to relax and fully enjoy your life?

  • Are you having intrusive flashbacks, emotions, feelings or other perhaps physical symptoms?
  • Are you already aware of having experienced trauma, mood disorders, depression, anxiety or perhaps Adverse Childhood Experiences, perhaps you have a Personality Disorder or Trauma related diagnosis?
  • Do you get sudden strong emotional feelings, such as: sinking feelings, grief, panic attacks, disassociation, dread or otherwise find yourself getting triggered?
  • Are you highly controlled, somewhat perfectionist and unfair to yourself? Are your relationships, or accepting yourself difficult?
  • Would you like to get to know your issues better and learn the reasons why, self regulation, safety protocols and self help?
  • Have you had regular talking therapy like counselling, but found that it did not really resolve the problem?
  • Would you like to find Psychotherapy, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Hypno-analysis ( analytic hypnotherapy) in Edinburgh or via online?
  • Do you need a therapist who specialises in Trauma? How about a Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner (CCTP) internally validated by the International Association of Trauma Practitioners and also certified in specialist use of hypnosis, body-mind work, naturopathy, somatic work and neurology for trauma! Also now Certified with the Internationally recognised Trauma Institute (CCTS-I, CCTS-II & CCTP-S). Why not also visit my Specialist Trauma Clinic Page www.trauma-edinburgh.co.uk !

    COVID Secure premises in Central Edinburgh

    Hello, I am Stuart Morgan-Ayrs and I have been practising as a qualified psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and hypnotherapist since 1993. Before that I was already into Chi Gung, Tai Chi, other martial arts, meditation and mindfulness. I practice as a specialist traumatologist using Clinical Psychotherapy, Counselling, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Analysis, Naturopathy, Chi Gung, Somatic Processing and Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh City Centre. I am a clinical trauma and complex trauma specialist with multiple post qualification certifications and trainings in different advanced trauma treatment models. I am also trained post graduate in comorbid combinations with trauma, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, pain management. My practice is in Edinburgh in a COVID safe clinic in the City Centre and on bus, train and tram routes. 

    We do not provide any form of conversion therapy. We are an inclusive provider, and we will work with you over the therapy process to ensure we are the clinically appropriate service for your needs and that working with your needs will be within our competency, and match our service specialisms

  • I am a Multi Modal and Integrative Consultant Psychotherapist, dealing in a range of related issues, in particular trauma, complex trauma, loss, grief, domestic abuse and eating disorders. I assist with related emotional mental health conditions that occur alongside them, in particular anxiety, depression, OCD and mood disorders. I use psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, counselling, hypnoanalysis based hypnotherapy, naturopathy, chi gung and mind-body psychotherapy methods including somatic processing to address these specific issues in Edinburgh. I am registered and qualified as a specialist psychotherapist in these areas, and am required to complete yearly additional CPD training in these areas on top of my normal professional CPD for professional registration as a psychotherapist and counsellor.

  • I do not comment by phone in advance of your assessment, because without carrying out a professional assessment process, there is nothing informed to say, and speculation is unhelpful and unprofessional. It is also not my job to convince you to have therapy, I am here if you are ready to engage with a specialist. Please do not contact me asking for any one particular kind of therapy. I am a specialist and I will inform you of the appropriate options for your issues once the assessment process is complete. This will be based around research evidenced and NICE recommended therapy methods.

  • I specialise in complex PTSD (Trauma), the closely related borderline personality disorder diagnosis caused by developmental and attachment disruption, and related functional issues like stress, depression, anxiety, mood disorders and anger management. Complex trauma is also known as C-PTSD, but can also be referred to as adverse childhood experience, childhood abuse, incest trauma, and other forms of loss, hurt, trauma and grief. Trauma is the effect of an event, or events, or developmentally the effect of things being missing in younger years or relationships. Trauma does not always require dramatic events to have occurred (it can be about lack - or things missing) , although of course sometimes there can be awful memories or events. I am also a specialist in the related fields of anxiety treatment and depression and mood disorder treatment, and am a Certified Specialist in Integrative Mental Health, Anxiety Treatment, Depression and Mood Disorder Treatment, Grief and Advanced Grief Therapy, Anger Management and Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment.

    In the field of advanced trauma therapy, "Talking therapy" such as just counselling or psychotherapy is known not to be "enough" for more complex conditions such as trauma, complex trauma and long term depression. Psycho education, skills training, self regulation and working with mind and body together to reintegrate the person are vital, and not available from all therapists. I am a multi-modal analytic psychotherapist , trained and accredited to graduate and post graduate levels in a number of different therapy models. As such I provide psychoanalysis, counselling, hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, DBT, RO-DBT, somatic processing, Chi Gung, Naturopathy and psychotherapy in Edinburgh and online, within a safe, confidential and accepting environment. Whether you need to tackle diagnosed mental health issues like anxiety and depression, or engage in a process of personal development (or both), I am experienced in helping individuals and couples, just like you. If you have not got a formal diagnosis or clear history, we can use clinically recognised self assessment tools to clarify the situation, although you may be asked to report these back to your GP. I am also trained in DBT, MBCT, EMDR and many other therapies that I draw from as appropriate. The psychotherapy process is often likened to taking a journey where the counsellor or psychotherapist accompanies and supports you in your process of self discovery. Along the way techniques like counselling, clinical mindfulness, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, CBT and hypnotherapy (including hypnoanalysis / analytic hypnotherapy) are employed. All are available at my central Edinburgh clinic. Cognitive behavioural and mindfulness based methods are often used to address surface issues and symptoms (like anxiety, depression and mood swings), while analysis, hypnoanalysis, acceptance therapies, and psychoanalysis are used to address deeper underlying developmental psychological issues.

    Modern knowledge shows that it is not enough to be trained in talking therapy (eg counselling) for complex PTSD issues, you need to be a multi modal therapist, body and mind. This is because the body stores trauma through the polyvagal system and Central Nervous System and to access the information held in pain and tension requires different techniques to those used to process conscious thoughts and ideas. The memory is split into Implicit and Explicit memories, which are stored separately and need different access methods to find and integrate them for healing.

    A vital part of dealing with trauma, is to address the developmental psychology effect with an integrative approach that tackles the inevitable effects on attachment. Attachment based psychotherapy is integral to understanding and modifying the experience of the trauma survivor. With this more comprehensive way of work in mind, I recently added to my over 28 years of experience by completing internationally validated certification as a CCTP - certified clinical trauma practitioner levels I (Trauma) and II (Complex Trauma), and CCTP-I (complex trauma). I am also a certified competent mental health practitioner in ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I also have specialist certifications in the clinical use of mindfulness, and the clinical use in trauma of Hypnosis, neurology and mind-body work. I have completed advanced comprehensive training in Interpersonal Neuro-Biology with Dan Siegel, Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, via an online advanced training cohort and also in Immunopathology with leading experts. My specialist certification in Nutritional and Integrative Medicine underpinned with a Naturopathy diploma and my Chi Gung qualifications enables me to provide psycho-education around the complex nutritional needs of trauma and mental health survivors, a vital area in order to enable body-mind recovery.

    There is no need to try and choose whether you are interested in psychodynamic psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioural therapy or person centred counselling, you can contact me for a free information pack to see if attending in central Edinburgh is right for you. In fact it is far better to let the assessment process determine the initial options, and then discuss the forms of psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy or other mental health or trauma treatments you require. The process therefore can be flexible, but is driven by what is clinically appropriate.

    Clients attend weekly or fortnightly in their allocated time slot and are responsible for the slot whether they choose to attend or not (allowance is made for holidays and agreed work related issues). Regular check ins are incorporated into the process to discuss process and direction. At any time clients can disengage with 7 days notice.

    I am experienced in helping clients who have experienced difficulties with the following, although generally I only now work with Trauma cases:
  • Stress , including with MBSR, self hypnosis training, psycho-education and Hypnotherapy
  • Relationships , including with couples counselling & social psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Includes LGBT* BDSM, Kink & Queer
  • Panic Attacks , including with CBT, mindfulness and hypnotherapy
  • Anxiety , including with MBCT, CBT, mindfulness and psychotherapy
  • Bereavement , including specific bereavement counselling. Certified Grief Counselling Specialist & Advanced Grief Counselling Specialist
  • Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours and Thoughts , including with CBT, Mindfulness and Psychoanalysis
  • Depression , including long term depression and Bipolar, including with CBASP Cognitive Behavioural Analysis
  • Trauma , including PTSD , including with attachment therapy (ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and attachment based psychotherapy), somatic therapy, Mindfulness, Hypnoanalysis and Psychoanalysis, NeuroBiology. Multiple Certified clinical trauma practitioner.
  • Complex PTSD, Child Sexual Abuse Survivors, Dysfunctional upbringing, Disassociation, Young Trauma, and other childhood and attachment related deeper issues. Certified clinical trauma practitioner.
  • Eating disorders & Self Harm , including with CBT, MBCT and other mindfulness based therapies
  • Personality Disorders , Certified DBT Specialist and Certified level 1 RO-DBT Specialist
  • Students , perhaps you have issues too deep for short term Student Services Counselling?
  • Sports and performance , including using CBT, NLP and Hypnosis to address performance anxiety

    You do not need to have an official or formal mental health diagnosis to benefit from psychotherapy at my central Edinburgh clinic practice. Many of my clients come for personal development and improvement work, especially those wanting counselling or psychoanalysis. Others have no diagnosis, but are aware that they have developmental or trauma related issues and would benefit from some form of psychotherapy. Other clients have been given a range of diagnosis over time, but never really got to the root causes. We have access to clinical assessment tools, which you can use to identify issues, note you may be asked to report the results back to your GP. We do not diagnose, but the recognised assessment tools can help to enable informed discussion with your GP for diagnosis or referral requests. The main focus of my practice is on long term complex PTSD, mental health and attachment work.

    I am now working in a bespoke clinic room of my own in Edinburgh City Centre. The clinic is in the Tiree Room, top floor of Scott House on South St Andrews Square. I am available for face to face appointments in a COVID-cleaned and risk assessed room, or by virtual appointment using secure software.

    My ethos in providing psychotherapy in Edinburgh, is to create a multi modal and holistic service that can adapt to the needs of the individual client or couple, but is rooted in evidence based and NICE recommended core methods. I trained in multiple modals of psychotherapy, analysis and hypnotherapy and counselling from the start of my career, and all along my approach has had the core specialities of psychoanalysis and combined eastern and western psychology. I have been trained, assessed and accredited at graduate and post graduate levels in a range of psychotherapy, counselling, psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy methods, including humanistic counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychodynamic psychoanalysis, and these are all available at the Edinburgh clinic. As a hypnotherapist registered with the CNHC voluntary regulator, I am trained in psychotherapy both in a hypnotic state, and in normal conversation. Beyond post graduate and qualification level I have completed certification in specialist integrative treatment of Trauma, Mood Disorders, Depression, Anxiety and Attention Difficulty based disorders.

    Latest news!
    Stuart has completed ASD Clinical Specialist Status

    Stuart has completed formal Clinical DBT Certification Specialist status

    Stuart has completed Eating Disorder - Trauma comorbidity training

    Stuart has completed Autism - Trauma comorbidity CPD Training

    Stuart has completed additional updated comparative Somatic Processing training for Clinicians

    Stuart has completed additional Naturopathy Certification

    Stuart has completed Certification in Immunopathology in Complementary Medicine

    Stuart has completed Certification in Functional Medicine for Trauma (post grad post qualification)

    Stuart has completed the 6 month cohort of Interpersonal Neuro-Biology with Professor Dan Siegel at the Mindsight Institute. Prof Siegel is Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA.

    As a result of the FHT regrettably choosing to leave the PSA AR scheme from January 2022, Stuart and Denise have both re-registered on the CNHC PSA AR scheme in order to maintain coverage under the Professional Standards Authority "right touch" regulation programme.

    Stuart has successfully renewed his Trauma II (Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorder) Certification, and his Integrative Mental Health Specialist Certifications. (Additional specialist CPD is required for renewal)

    Stuart has completed his Advanced Grief Counselling Certification as a Specialist clinician in grief treatment and therapy (CAGCS)

    Stuart Has achieved a Level 7 externally verified Post Graduate Diploma in Complex Trauma, and the associated Certification as a Trauma Specialist through the world leading Arizona based Trauma Institute (CCTS-I). Stuart is now certified as a Specialist Clinician in Complex Trauma Treatment with two leading International Boards.

    Stuart has been awarded Fellowship of the Complementary Medicine Association, an Elite Professional Body based here in Scotland. CMA are a leading professional body and are highly active in supporting members, upholding standards and consulting with Government. The CMA are unusual in that they encourage specialism and list practitioner specialisms on their Website. As a result Stuart will be adhering to their standards for his Specialty Certifications, and gradually moving away from Evergreen yearly certification, which is more USA orientated. This Fellowship has subsequently not been renewed and is not current.

    Stuart is now registered with the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA). The CMA is an Elite Professional Body representing Integrative therapists across Mind- Body and spiritual well being, based here in Scotland.

    Work continues in personal development and ongoing training with a international group exploring long term trauma and attachment based models of therapeutic response.

    Certification now complete in Specialist Grief Counselling based therapy (CGCS)

    Certification now complete in Advanced Nutritional and integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals (CMHIMP)

    Certification now complete in Clinical Treatment of Anger (CAMTP)

    Additional advanced certification now complete in the specialist use of Hypnosis, Neurology and Mind/Body therapy for the treatment of Trauma.

    Additional advanced certification now complete in Clinical Treatment of Depression and Mood Disorders (CDMDTP).

    Additional advanced certification now complete in Clinical Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD-CCSP)

    Additional advanced certification now complete in Clinical Treatment of Anxiety (CCATP).

    Additional advanced certification in Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders (CCTP-II).

    Additional advanced certification in the Clinical Application of Mindfulness. (CMIP)

    Additional Advanced Certification in Functional Medicine and Trauma (CFMTS)

    In addition to over the minimum of 20 hours CPD training this year already, specialising in trauma and attachment, I have now completed an internationally validated certification in clinical trauma practice. The CCTP Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner award requires the practitioner to be professionally accredited and licensed with at least a Masters Degree to begin the process, and then requires a comprehensive core syllabus of knowledge for specialist integrative work, followed by a score of at least 80% on examination.

    I am dedicated to my health promotion and education professional standing, since psycho education is a critical part of the initial stages of trauma treatment. I hold a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Public Health. The RSPH is a are major professional body promoting health, education and well being, including in mental health, and related matters. It is a great honour to be given the honour of Fellowship grade. Their regular research and briefings will help inform my provision of counselling and psychotherapy in central Edinburgh and elsewhere.

    Today I received confirmation of another Bachelors Degree, this time in Philosophy and Psychology from the Open University. This BA (Hons) is very important since it underlines my dedication to being a polymath (qualified in numerous areas) and combining different styles of psychology, philosophy and ways of thinking to better assist my clients in my central Edinburgh psychotherapy and counselling practice. Latest training news... I have been completing a number of specialist post qualification CPD courses in Men's Psychotherapy, Integrative psychotherapy for Complex Trauma, Disassociation based trauma, attachment therapy, and addictions in trauma clients.

    Thought of the month: "How often do you check in and notice that you are safe, and have survived? You are enough right now!"

    Providing Professional Hypnoanalysis, Psychoanalysis, Counselling & Psychotherapy in Edinburgh City Centre. If you are looking for psychotherapy, hypnoanalysis or counselling in Central Edinburgh, why not email us first for free information without obligation. Are you looking for an analyst with specific experience and training in dealing with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, attachment issues, or Complex PTSD using Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, ACT, Somatic therapy, Mindfulness and Hypnosis?

    Complex PTSD therapy, CPTSD, Adverse Childhood Experience, Hypnosis for Trauma, Anxiety counselling, trauma therapy, depression counselling, ACT, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Multi-Modal Analysis in Edinburgh. Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner Edinburgh Online. Face to Face trauma therapy Specialist Edinburgh City Centre.


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Evidence and References

All claims and therapy methods listed on this brief website are explained and referenced in full at our main website, where you can see references from credible Research, and cross referencing to NICE recommended Guidelines. www.psychoanalysis.center

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New Developments in Specialist Therapy Provision

Although the worst of the COVID crisis appears to be over, we maintain sterilising air filtration, daily room sterilisation and regular air ventilation, as well as fabric disinfection. (Sept 2022)

During this COVID crisis it is very important to be assured of safety when consulting a therapist. With this in mind I have completed two different COVID safety, risk assessment and hygiene control courses and invested heavily in PPE and other equipment to ensure your safety.

Some clients remain online, but because of the clinical nature of my work, and the inappropriateness of certain kinds of clinical work being carried out online, we are open in COVID secure premises for face 2 face individual work. Currently couples are not permitted on site because of risk assessed safety.

Online sessions are carried out using secure Google Meet software, and exist as a back up for those clients normally attending, should they need to self isolate.

Otherwise integrative psychotherapy for trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, grief, PTSD and other clinical conditions is still available in Edinburgh City Centre.


What is available at the moment in Edinburgh?

Please note that all Complex Trauma cases are treated according to the internationally recognised 3 stage process. Leading experts agree that rushing into exposure or recall (regression) methods like hypnosis, EMDR, NLP and similar before the client has completed the first stage of learning stable self regulation is harmful, unethical and irresponsible. The staged response is crucial for ethical and safe treatment.


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